Anticipated Capture


I loved the grunge aesthetics and drama of M’s (@cammiesonthefloor ) car and shipping container photos and after the sorry announcement of her recent passing felt moved to honour her and her work in some way. I wrote and posted a memorial  piece on my website as an #SoSS. This is now also published on F4TFriday’s website as part of a tribute page.

But I also located a photograph taken by my photography companion CM during a photoshoot earlier this year. The pose which shows me backed against a high metal gate has something of a sense of “anticipated capture” about it that I hope M would have appreciated. Although the original was taken on a glorious summers day, I wanted to change the natural colour values and dirty it up a bit to heighten the dynamics. As I mentioned in my initial memorial post M stated on ArtTwist1 that she  stated she didn’t know “how to do editing and Photoshop”, but I loved the way she played with settings, filters and colour.

I honestly can’t say this is an attempt to capture M’s aesthetics, but rather it’s an interpretation of how they made me feel. So M, I never got to meet you, but I was constantly appreciative of your insights and your style and where ever you are mate, this ones’ for you…

 Sinful Sunday

Cammies On The Floor

40 thoughts on “Anticipated Capture

    • Thanks very much May I was worried that it may not have been appropriate or apt, but comments from you and others suggest I did get it right which is a huge relief… indie xx


  1. Wow Indie I love what you are wearing – I love the edit you have used, it really adds a grungy, rough feel. and yes, I loved M’s creativity. I am pretty certain she def would have appreciated your words and edit here x

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    • At the time it was taken, I was hoping that something else was impending. But when I was looking for a suitable photo for this tribute I couldn’t go past it. Indie xx


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