Thank you – you are amazing!


Congratulations and thank you to the people I am mentioning this week for sharing their writing and images with me – and hopefully with you too.

@kisungura from Mycontrolledascent. Kis has just written her 50th post and wonders if anyone is listening. Let’s tell her we are and why her work is important.
Here is an example of some of her powerful writing on Childhood PTSD (there is more than one post on her blog) if you haven’t encountered it before… It’s tough stuff but very important. The scary bit for me  as a reader is the research she mentioned on brain changes, as a dear friend of mine has a triple whammy from this, addiction and chronic depression.

@daylia_catt from Fetcetera shares her latest drawing with us in her post Daddy’s Girl, Little Minxes. As well as thanking Daylia for sharing we also need to thank her Daddy for laying down some ground rules so Daylia will keep practicing and producing work. Research suggests the importance of frequent regular artmaking to hone our artistic skills so this is a great incentive to keep Daylia going.

John Brownstone from @southernsirsplace A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
I’m sure this will receive lots of attention this week. We don’t often get to see images of “Mr Kayla” in most of his glory, but this is delightful. John’s post reveals his awareness of the need to make changes to his body for his physical and mental health and wellbeing, and the results so far speak for themselves.

@elliothenry36 of  has almost finished his embroidery project. Rumours on Twitter – (largely spread by the divine @PosyChurchgate)  that he enlisted his kin to assist have been roundly repudiated! Elliot has his eyes on the prize at his local county fair. I for one vote for a blue ribbon cockshot once he attains his prize!

The fabulous Violet from @fireandhoney has alerted me (and probably quite a few of you) about “Frank” a very enticing monster dildo created by the fabulous Lust Arts.
The dildo’s that Lena and Lexy  and their team @lust_arts are stunning, and the day they make a tentacle dildo I will have died and gone to heaven! (Big hint folks, pretty please)
Violet’s Toy Review: Frank’s Monster Dildo is well worth a read, it may convert you to the dark side of dildo’s!

This post is linked to #SoSS – to see who else is sharing the love!


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