Be sinful, human, it’s Sunday

It’s probably the influence of all the monster erotica I’ve been amusing myself with lately. Or could it have been the lecture I went to on bad Tolkien illustrations yesterday. (The March of the Ents bore a strong resemblance to an Ent dildo I used to own).

Whatever the influence I couldn’t resist a bit of playful nonsense given that I needed to get my melatonin levels sorted.

And since it’s Sinful Sunday…

Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “Be sinful, human, it’s Sunday

  1. Thanks for the words Indie otherwise I would have been puzzled by the glasses. I thought for a moment you were going to do a bit of spot welding but with a gorgeous exposed breast that might not have been sensible. xx

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  2. You look like some badass futuristic kink warrior, I love it! I think I could do with one of these actually for my own melatonin levels. Would’ve loved to have seen the bad Tolkien illustrations, bet they were a hoot! X


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