Take me to the Kasbar!

While in Oxford recently I was able to spend an afternoon with the fabulous Julie from @MPBjulie and her partner Graeme.

After checking out the serious splendour of historic academia, we decided to head for an eatery that is a familiar delight for my UK compatriots.

And as is the way of things when sex(y) bloggers get together some naughty photos simply had to be taken…

Of course the toilets are the obvious spot and I must say I’ve been blessed with creative play partners and fabulous settings. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s one spectacular washbasin, but I’m loving the sultry woman behind it!!!

Lest you think Julie was the only one in front of the camera I recommend you head on over to her blog to see some more pics of the evenings unorthodox entertainment!

Sinful Sunday

26 thoughts on “Take me to the Kasbar!

  1. Oh I do love this. I have just this very moment moved from Julie’s post to yours, and it is fabulous seeing one image after the other. It is so wonderful to see that you are having a great trip x

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