Tights on the ‘Town

The other day I had the absolute pleasure of spending a day with fellow blogger Posy of @PosyChurchgate and posychurchgate.blogspot.com (Thanks Posy it was a fabulous day!!!)

We went to Camden Market and had a fine time spending our hard earned cash. Last night I tried on the tights I bought, teaming them my black skirt and the green corset I bought in Leicester.

This morning I was woken at 8.30 by a call from CM from Australia and in the course of the conversation he revealed a liking for the textured striped tights. So when I eventually hauled myself out of bed after a satisfying post phone call bit of sluttery I went back to the market and bought more tights…

Now of course I’m wondering which one(s) do you prefer?

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22 thoughts on “Tights on the ‘Town

  1. These at the top of the heart, in indigo and black. I have a pair alike.
    Soon in hosp. Will try to talk to you in a few weeks (3?). Hugs and … well, I hope to see you some day.
    ❤ !!!

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    • Well I’m an XXL and these were one size fits all and they fit me so maybe it’s worth a visit. The shop is near the underground but on the opposite side before you get to the canal.


  2. Looking great in these combos! Yes indeed very hard to pick from the huge choice but what you bought suits you so well. You know I had just as much fun as you! x

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