Alice in greencorset&purpletights land

The marmalade cat on the windowsill is “Alice’s” constant companion as she travels around the UK wonderland (buying tights and corsets and other fripperies and meeting all sorts of interesting characters). It carries a message of love and appreciation from her companion CM back home.

Alice is convinced she’d see a very appreciative Cheshire catlike grin if CM could see her dressed up in her green corset and purple striped tights… but then Alice just lives in hope…

As promised – the purple and black striped tights from Camden Market…

To see who else is into purple click on the link below:

16 thoughts on “Alice in greencorset&purpletights land

  1. It sounds as though you are thoroughly enjoying your travels, even while missing your partner in companionship.

    Sometimes spending time apart from people we care for accentuates our appreciation of the time(s) we are able to spend with them together. 🙂

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    • I’m rather hoping so Feve. We did share a FaceTime call while watching
      Sunrise over Glastonbury Tor…
      yes I am enjoying my travels. I’ve met some wonderful bloggers and been places I never thought to go. Xx


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