Delightful Company

The other evening I had drinks with the wonderful @rebelsnotes and her husband Master T. Marie is every bit as fun and forthright as I’d hoped and Master T. is a “lovely bloke” as we say in Australia! I really appreciated them travelling to meet me – the icing on the cake of my wonderful travel adventure.

Of course there was time and opportunity to take pictures in the ladies toilets. (Got to love that hot pink decor!)

Rebel and I compared our hair length then tuned into the Eurovision vibe with a bit of ABBA back to back fun! Enjoy this pic (and Marie’s gorgeous shapely butt) then hop over to her page for lots more pictures!

Rebel has managed to include a boob shot in her entries so not to be outdone….

Happy sinning people…

Sinful Sunday

23 thoughts on “Delightful Company

  1. I am glad you had such a great meet up with one of my blogging idols! And thank you for letting me butt in with a bit of face time with you both. Love the kitsch pink ladies room with the OTT mirrors and you two make great voluptuous bookends!

    I have a new friend from this trip Indie – thanks for that! xx

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