Bad Hare…

As some of you are aware, since I returned from overseas I’ve begun to work with CM to put together a joint exhibition of his photos and my drawings. It will take a while and we are still kicking around ideas.

Whilst in Barcelona I bought the hare mask featured in the photo (mine not his) and it’s proving to be quite a stimulus for my/our artistic and kink imagination in more than one way.

The other night I got a bad case of “cross dressing monster madness” (it’s all that monster porn I read) which is to say my “thing” for hares met my “thing” for tentacles with the result you see above.

While in the UK I had a second tattoo done – also of a hare (medieval style). You can just see it in this photo taken in the hotel near Schipol airport the night before I headed to Spain. The bracelet was a recycled rubber item I bought in Amsterdam and promptly lost at the airport in Barcelona much to my annoyance.

The same night I took the hotel photo and after I’d had a little solo fun (Hello Masturbation Monday!) I became a bit bored and sent this photo home for CM’s amusement. As you see the Bad “Hare” was already making an appearance!

In case you think it’s all play and no work, here’s a drawing I did the other day for the exhibition…

Thanks again to @Mollysdailykiss and Chaturbate, and the lovely fellow bloggers who nominated me, I hugely appreciate being included in the Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2018, though I feel pretty slack for not posting or commenting since I returned. I hope this bit of frivolity helps to make up for my negligence although none of my images conform to the prompts for this week, sorry.

Sinful Sunday
Masturbation Monday

34 thoughts on “Bad Hare…

    • Thanks Rebel I was right royally pissed about losing the bracelet though I still have the choker. You will see more we are talking of a joint website. And slow but definite progress in our collaboration and friendship. 😸xx


  1. I love both the photo and the drawing, I am so pleased you found the hare mask and that it is proving to be so inspiring. Part of what I love about them both is that they are a little unsettling, as if they are roaming into this land from another and for that is fascinating and thrilling x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Floss I’m a huge fan of fiction that works in this way – do you know Robert Holdstock’s work and also Canadian Charles de Lint? I’m delighted it’s working like that for you… x


  2. Unusual vibe the mask has – definitely alternative so ideal for your more twisted/ surreal use. The photos and the drawing are very skilled and intriguing – I like the direction your exhibition seems to be heading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks very much Molly, I’m delighted that you appreciate my work, especially coming from an artist like yourself. I was v. annoyed with myself for losing that bracelet, but I will try to replace it.
      Indie xx


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