2018 Index MidnightOasis64

Part 1 of my New Years Review 2018

Part 2 of my New Years Review 2018 (forthcoming)


** All photo’s/writing Indigo Byrd unless otherwise marked.


F(r)iction – where sexual imagination rubs up against memory

Serious Stuff – like it says

Life story – the human condition



#SOSS Sharing Our Stuff Sometime (Mostly Saturday)


ArtTwist (Lets Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer!)

Indigo Byrd @midnightoasis64

  • #ArtTwist1. Prompt: Edouard Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (courtesy Indigo)Contributors: Indigo @midnightoasis64 – ArtTwist is Go!, Malfic  @malflic – A Modern Affair (note contribution is no longer available), M from @cammiesonfloor – Luncheon in Rope, May More @more_matters – The Daily District News.Summary: Cousin Pons @books1799.
  • #ArtTwist2. Prompt: Augustus Egg, Travelling Companions (courtesy Cousin Pons). Contributors: Mrs Fever from Temperatures Rising – Have Imagination, Will Travel; Indigo @midnightoasis64 – On the Platform; Cousin Pons @books1799 – The Handkerchief; Malflic @malflic – Above the Fray – (note contribution is no longer available); Julie @MPBJulie – Two Harps and belatedly Elliott @elliotthenry36 – Bosom Buddies.Roundup: Courtesy May More @more_matters
  • #ArtTwist3. Prompt: Gustav Klimt, Danae (courtesy Indigo based on input from Jo @teachershavesex and May More from @more_mattters)Contributors: Malflic @malflic – The Gods Receptacle (note contribution is no longer available), Lixie from Lixiedotblog and @LiFontrodona – Playing Danae; Indigo @midnightoasis64 Golden Years?; M @cammiesonfloor – Molten Stream; May More @more_matters – Claret; Mrs Fever from Temperatures Rising – My Prerogative, My Choice.Roundup: Courtesy Julie @MPBJulie
  • #ArtTwist4. Prompt: Pompeo Batoni Lucca  Susannah and the Elders (courtesy May More @more_matters).Contributors: Lixie from Lixiedotblog and @LiFontrodona – Having a bath before being twice taken; Indigo @midnightoasis64 – Absorbed in pleasure; Julie @MPBJulie – He leads me astray; Malflic @malflic – The Elder Harlot (note contribution is no longer available); beHephaestus/ETCostello – The Mermaid of King’s Cross (original blog no longer in operation, entry can be found here at his revised blog)Roundup: Indigo @midnightoasis64
  • #ArtTwist5. Prompt: Jean-Honoré Fragonard (courtesy Julie of @MPBJulie)Contributors: M @cammiesonfloor – The Swing; Indigo @midnightoasis64 – Flashing for a lover; Molly Moore @Mollysdailykiss – Take a SwingRoundup: Indigo @midnightoasis64
  • #ArtTwist6. Prompt: Jean-Leon Gerome Almeh’s Playing Chess/The Dance of the Almeh/The Slave Market/Truth Coming Out of Her Well (courtesy Indigo @midnightoasis64 and Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica)Contributors: Indigo @midnightoasis64 – The Almeh; Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica – Truth Coming Out of Her Well Includes a tribute to Michael Samadhi.


Febphotofest badge 2018

February Photo Fest 2018 Molly Moore Molly’s Daily Kiss

February Photo Fest 2018 List and Links


#30DayOrgasmFun challenge Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica

I started off with the intention of completing this challenging, however as my final entry makes clear the challenge and my past experiences collided, with the result that I felt the need to stop blogging for a while.


Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday Molly Moore Molly’s Daily Kiss


Masturbation Monday  Kayla Lords & John Brownstone


Wicked Wednesday Marie A Rebelle @rebelsnotes

TMI Tuesday blog

TMI Tuesday

Kink of the Week – KOTW Molly Moore Molly’s Daily Kiss

Food4Thought Friday @ F4TFriday



FridayBoobDay Hyacinth Jones @adissolutelife



4 thoughts on “2018 Index MidnightOasis64

  1. Wow – what a comprehensive review – thanks for my mentions and what amazing artwork! I really enjoyed your blog last year and meeting you – a proper wonderful and genuine person xx

    Liked by 1 person

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