Thanks 2018 you were scary/brilliant (2)

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All photo’s Indigo Byrd, unless otherwise credited.

Overseas Travel

When she was alive Mum and I frequently discussed places and ancestors in the UK and I’d often thought I’d like to travel there, and parts of Europe. Sometime between New Years Eve and the photoshoot at Sara’s house  I decided to make 2018 the year I finally made the trip. I put the word out before I chickened out and chose September as a likely starting point, since the small amount of teaching work I had in first semester would be concluded. I had in mind to meet as many of my blogging mates as I possibly could, visit key places where my ancestors lived and died, engage in some kink related activities, to take in selected galleries and exhibitions, some historic buildings and permaculture gardens along with places that had some sort of literary, mythic or spiritual dimension.

September saw me packed and preparing for my journey, then flying first to Singapore for a stopover, journeying overnight to London, then enroute to Edinburgh by train. With the exception of the ancestors, this beautiful city fulfilled all my other requirements, and allowed me to catch up with three of my blogging mates: @Kilted_Wookie/The Zen Nudist, Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica and Kisungura @kisungura. It was a delight catching up with these lovely people even though the exhibition I’d hoped to meet them at was closed. I was, however, able to track them down to the local pub, where we happily communed for some time, before Kis and I went on to dinner. The photo’s that she took of me in the toilets of the Royal Dick remain firm favourites!

KW’s comments on the meeting (as well as lots of other 2018 blogging highlights) can be seen here, Kisungura’s here.

From Edinburgh I headed south via the Lake District, then Todmorden (scenery, ancient sites, alternative living), toward Liverpool for a Francesca Woodman/Egon Schiele exhibition.

Unable to juggle my timings to catch the kink market in Birmingham I moved on to Leicester, (more ancestors), buying a corset (featured in Alice in green corset & purple tights land) and steampunk jewellery from Pommygranit,  and catching up with the lovely Monika from Godemiche. In a bus shelter on the side of a busy road we did what must have looked like a dodgy transaction which enabled me to take delivery of a delightful new silicone toy to add to my collection, before I continued on to Oxford.

In Oxford, I visited Tolkien’s grave, accompanied – thanks to the wonders of modern technology, by fellow fan, Craig, and also caught up with Julie from @MPBJulie. Julie and her Master treated me to a memorable day touring some of the marvellous architecture of the city, some popular culture a la Harry Potter and then dinner at a delightful Moroccan restaurant where the Ladies was once again put to good use for a photoshoot.  (Here is Julie’s post on the night – A Moroccan Feast.) I have so much respect for this gutsy woman who flashed her boobs for the camera, but also shared her cancer status with me during our outing. I was able to visit her in hospital after her surgery and have – sporadically, I confess, followed parts of her journey since on her blog.

Post Oxford, I hired a car for the next leg of my journey, which took me to the Cotswolds, the Forest of Dean, the Romanesque Kilpeck Church with it’s ‘Sheelagh-na-gig carving, Wales (more ancestors)  and ultimately Avebury and Glastonbury. Along the way  I got to spend some welcome time with May More @more_matters (I’m sure you recognise those legs below!) and Eye @-Masterseye.

Reluctantly returning my lovely hire car to Oxford, I commuted to London where I spent time communing with the ancestors, looking at galleries, exhibitions (Frida Kahlo!) and architecture, attending a taxidermy workshop and having a brilliant day out with the delightful Posy-I-can’t-keep-up-with-all-your-twitter-names-Churchgate. As I mention in Tights on the Town we bought tights, chatted, ate, bought other stuff, tried on masks and vowed ongoing friendship!

Then it was time to catch a train to Amsterdam where of course I checked out the Red Light District, went to galleries, bought a book by inspirational surrealist photographers Mothmeister and rubber jewellery at the market (below right, and also in December post Bad Hare). The icing on the cake –  a memorable evening of  Delightful Company, good conversation, drinks and nibbles with Marie Rebelle @RebelsNotes and Master T. Our outing took place at a rather sumptuous Hotel not far from the airport, and of course more toilet photography ensued.

Refreshed and warmed by this meeting, I caught a flight to Barcelona the following day.  I visited the Erotic Museum Barcelona (see first three photos below), bought myself a Hare mask in one of the nearby shops, posted more books home, visited more galleries and artistic sacred sites, and walked for hours, lost in the magic. I loved this city, and my later time in Granada. The highlights for me were staying at the Hotel America in the Alhambra, seeing the magnificent Sierra Nevadas on the close horizon (below right), and once again walking for hours through the winding narrow streets. In Madrid I was able to see an exhibition of a favourite Surrealist artist, Dorothea Tanning, as well as other Surrealist artists of the time. This in turn is now feeding into the drawings and photography Craig and I are planning to collaborate on.

Sadly my plans to spend time with my Catalan friend Lixie @LinusFontrodona fell through, as had my earlier intentions to catch up with bloggers Aurora Glory @AuroraGloryBlog; Wriggly Kitty @wriggly_kitty; Floss#Proudtobekinky @_floss_84; Cousin Pons @books1799; and Modesty @ablazingmodesty. I also missed a chance to do a reading of my work with @Dirtysexyworld.

But I was delighted to meet all the wonderful people I did meet and won’t feel so left out when Eroticon takes place in 2019!

Achievements 2018

Naughty List 2018

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2018

  • Apologies if I’ve missed any milestones, I lost my list when we did the re-install.


  • I am working toward a revitalised self-hosted site in the wake of the Tumblr debacle. The first step, a massive cleanup and reinstall of my PC was completed by Craig before Xmas.
  • The new site will relate more directly to my creativity, although I will write when I have something to say or the mood strikes me. Expect a new version of ArtTwist too, in partnership I hope, with a fellow blogger.
  • Working on a series of charcoal drawings featuring my Hare mask as mentioned in my December post Bad Hare.
  • I need to find a happy medium between blogging and making art. I’m hoping to take part in FebruaryPhotoFest2019, as I have quite a backlog of photos to share, as well as (hopefully) some new ones forthcoming in partnership with Craig.
  • When the change takes place I intend to keep archives from the present blog. Followers will be notified.

Finally for those lovely people who sent me good wishes when my little Frankencat had a stroke you will be pleased to know she is recovering very well and back to her usual CatDomme self…

6 thoughts on “Thanks 2018 you were scary/brilliant (2)

  1. Wow! What a year and even though I was following your trip to Europe (as you know), I feel dizzy having just read the post. I loved our time together and was so happy when you visited me in hospital after my op. Looking forward to what 2019 brings for us both xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved meeting you Indie – a true kindred spirit. I (like Julie) feel slightly exhausted from reading this, but Wow! You made your trip really count – ticked so many boxes, in particular the culture and the ancestry boxes were so valid. Had to be done, but I can’t imagine the bill from the souvenirs you bought & sending the m home!

    Liked by 1 person

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