No. 4. Under the Spray



This is a new version of a photo taken last year and posted simultaneously on #ArtTwist  and #SinfulSunday (you can see the 2018 version ‘Absorbed in Pleasure’ here). I was inspired to revisit this intense image by the watery photograph of Michael Knight @domsigns taken by Molly Moore @mollysdailykiss and posted as the prompt for Masturbation Monday 231.

As you see there is neither nakedness nor any visible cock however there is a wonderful spray of water. Of course CM is in the background wielding his “impossible cock” in the service of art. This latest filter was also his selection. I/we hope you enjoy this contribution to Masturbation Monday and No. 4 in FPF2019, at that maybe it inspires you to do the Monday (and any other day) “thing”.

Masturbation Monday
February Photofest

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