No. 7. Fractured Fairy Tale

Around March last year my creative collaborator and companion Craig M. /CM and I discussed the idea of a Fractured Fairy Tale photoshoot around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The story resonated with my own previous barely realised interest in Predator/Prey dynamics.  Although I subsequently storyboarded the photography sequence and sourced costume materials, the photos never eventuated for various reasons.

Fast forward to yesterday and an exchange of texts around the idea of photos featuring wet/muddy clothing. Co-incidentally a couple of hours later it began to rain (Yay!!!)  so I ventured into the back garden leaving my iPhone propped under the verandah. The conditions were far from ideal – using the iPhone video function, not quite enough rain, dressed in an unflattering baggy red t-shirt, the dog panicking over the thunder and determined to be underfoot…

Picking through the stills today set off a bad case of body negativity especially as it related to my belly (though @MissScarlettUK and I formed a mutual support group for a short heartwarming time). Eventually I applied some filters from iPiccy to a shot of me flashing my bum and the mental connection between the selected shots and my earlier interest in Fractured Fairy Tales was made. I think I prefer the colour of the first filter the background dynamics of the second and the drama of the third…

What do you think?

Incidentally if you are interested in the photographs I’ve been collecting on Pinterest with our photoshoots in mind the link is here. Feel free to follow me if you do Pinterest.

February Photofest


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