No. 9. Hugs – #SoSS

fractured ft

Today’s image  stems from the idea of sending you all hugs of gratitude for the inspiration and friendship we share, since today Saturday and that means #SoSS! Fortunately with February Photofest 2019 currently underway there is even more inspiration around than usual.

This is an image from the quick photoshoot CM and I did the other day, the filter was inspired by responses to post No. 7.  and I found another Grimm’s fairytale to fracture: The Old Woman in the Wood. I suspect there may be some writing coming out of this line of thinking soon.

Today my #SoSS approach is a little different than before, partly due to what Kisungura refers to as ‘the need for air management’ – 200 Posts – Air Management and Thanks, and also because I’d like to highlight some comments and commentators.

Both words and images are important and I nodded a lot when I read Annie Savoy’s commentary on Ekphrasis Inverted on the difficulties of getting people to notice both, in her post Star. I confess that sometimes I feel like I’m just repeating what others have said but not as eloquently.

For all these reasons I’m including some of my own and other people’s comments as well as my selections this week, and also giving mentions to images that left me lost for (adequate) words.

I hope you find this approach interesting…


Images that left me lost for (adequate) words…

  • Lexy: The Lexy Experiment  Still Life with Lexy Such a sense of timelessness
  • MPB: MastersPleasing (and Precious) Bitch Checking into Social Media A beautiful photo and some important things to consider.
    As @Posy Churchgate: Pillow Talk commented “… we are all benefitting from what you share, but never feel that you have to tell us more than you feel comfortable with.”
  • Molly Moore: Molly’sDailyKiss Perfectly Intimate Moments
  • Violet: Love, Violet   No.5. Memory Lane  Gave me bad “tieing up man envy”
    Mrs Fever also commented that she found his “hide-behind-his-hands modesty/shyness is oddly(?) endearing.”

Some Comments on Other People’s FPF2019 posts:

  • May More:1997diaries and ifsexmatters  T-Shirt
    Stunning image. I gasped when I saw your nipple in the thumbnail, then when I saw the full photo I came to appreciate the other details you mention… In Aus we call these singlets and I so have a thing for men in white singlets (its an old time thing so I saw a lot of them in my formative years lol). But I certainly appreciate the sight of you in this instance!
  • Kisungura: My Controlled Ascent – 200 Posts – Air Management and Thanks
    First off Kis – congratulations!!!
    Re your challenges: This has been a problem for me too and is part of the reason I’ve eased up quite a bit. I’m still working it out. I know I’ll be breathless at the end of this month, it’s been a while since I’ve posted every day and it’s a challenge. I do combine memes and that helps, but I’m also trying to get my head around what I want to achieve with my blog. A big plus for me is engaging in the creative side alone or with CM, and I know I’ll have another burst of energy when we do our next photoshoot which is coming up soon. So I’ll probably concentrate more on imagery than words for the moment at least. Though nothing is set in stone. Earning money or traffic isn’t what I care about, but it’s easy to feel out of the loop if I pull back too far. It’s a work in progress I think.
  • Mrs Fever: Temperatures Rising Boot: Black
    This is such a striking image Feve. The strong, dark, shiny vertical of your boot is punctuated beautifully by the white detailing of your fingers. I also love how the light squiggles up your boot are echoed by the cascade of your hair. I also have a touch of boot envy too!
  • Blue Submission: Wrapped Up in Love
    This is an intriguing, strong image. I love the contrast between the lines of your rope corset and the organic flow of the ends; between the colour of your rope and your skin, the angle and positioning of your body and the symbolic use of pink rope when combined with the title. 
  • Ink: Pens and Needles I am both painter and painted
    Fabulous composition and the concept definitely works for me.
  • Name Unmentionable: the devil’s in the detail: Six
    I love this image. It’s such an antidote to the airbrushed imagery of women’s breast that is so prevalent in the media. And your scars look so tactile. Amazing!
  • Purple Sole: Purple’s Gem Are you Happy, Sashimi?
    A very enticing photo – I could see this as a still from a “foreign film”. I love the delicacy of each morsel framed by your body!
February Photofest




4 thoughts on “No. 9. Hugs – #SoSS

  1. Thanks, Indie – a wonderful idea for a post and so glad you liked my white t-shirt image – I have loved all yours and seeing you hugging that tree reminds me of a shot of me last year doing the same – but without any knickers on and my green wellies lol xx

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  2. Hey Indie – this was a great idea for a share, because the responses do have a value too. I need now to check out what you’ve selected that I’ve missed. I love the tree hugging image, your steampunk clothes go well with the ‘folk tale’ theme – perhaps we need to collaborate over the next fairy tale that I twist – You can provide my illustrations!!

    Liked by 1 person

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