No. 11. Light Bruising


Any bruises I garner are either accidentally self inflicted or the result of medical intervention. Therefore I am unlikely to sport the kind of trophies that Victoria Blisse is displaying as the prompt for Masturbation Monday this week.  The most noteworthy bruises I can recall were the result of my enthusiasm for dancing. These bruises were not, as you might suspect, on my arse – but across my belly.

A tiny two day old incision near my navel (tubal ligation), became traumatised by a couple of hours worth of enthusiastic jiggling to the music of a Australian ‘bush band’ – The Cobbers. At the time I was working for a local paper and had been given free tickets in exchange for a review of the concert. I had a brilliant night – I can’t say it was better than sex, (but given that I was still married to Bob at that point it probably was) but it was pretty damn good, lots of endorphins (and alcohol). I did get quite a shock when I noticed the outcome of my enthusiastic activity the following morning – reddish purple lines radiating out for some distance across my belly above my navel.

Today’s image was initially the outcome of some selfies taken in my dining area a couple of weeks ago. The morning sun shines through various interesting plants on the window sill throwing the crazy, spiky shadows and splashes of light which have featured in previous images including No. 5 Marked by Shadows; Botanica: Leaves & Spikes;  and Botanica: More Spikes.  I love the mysterious combinations of light and shadows generated in this manner but couldn’t resist adding an iPiccy filter to make some “light bruising” in response to the prompt.

Masturbation Monday
February Photofest


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