No. 15. Cinch


sepia tits1

I’ve been working on a #BadHareArt costume for a future photoshoot. The costume at this stage consists of my mask,  brown leather corset, a crinoline skirt made of rusted barbed wire, ferret cage and nets coupled with some yet to be determined footwear and leg coverings. A rabbit butt plug may be optional. Since the point of the outfit is photographic  not kinky play, CM expressed some misgivings about my ability to pose safely and effectively in the crinoline. He absolutely drew the line at my interest in making and wearing a barbed wire bra – my interest in blood play is one thing but tetanus or septicemia are too big a risk.

Therefore I bought some faux barbed wire online and had a little play with it, but it doesn’t look or feel rigid enough to me, even though it does throw interesting shadows, and its possible to cinch body parts quite effectively as you see.  And while it doesn’t provide the edginess I had in mind, this is a world away in tenor from the flirtatious girliness of the steampunk outfit I’m wearing in last years photos as featured in No.16. Responding to Erotic Photography.



boob day meme

February Photofest


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