No. 16. Responding to Erotic Photography #SoSS


Most of my attention in today’s #SoSS is on entries for #WickedWednesday’s prompt – Erotic Photography. There was considerable discussion on the photographer/model relationship in the entries posted as well as some deliciously hot writing and images. The prompt and responses took me back to FPF2018 and my own questions on the nature of artistic collaboration and erotic relationships, when Craig M. and I were first starting to work together. This was around the time we made a series of steampunk/Victoriana influenced photos including the one above. As we have been revisiting many of last years works in search of overlooked material and images to revise for our current interests, Craig and I have both been using various filters with sepia capturing our interest recently – see for example No. 15. Cinch and No. 2. Fine Line. As with last weeks #SoSS entry I am trying a new approach – citing comments made by my fellow bloggers as well as images that left me struggling to express my reactions. I’ve also mentioned posts that gave me strong sensory reactions and mental images. Enjoy!

Lost for Words
Missy from Focused and Filthy posted a gorgeous b&w photo Sax in the Shadows that left me struggling to articulate an effective response. Luckily the image inspired Love Bunny @LuvbunnySL82 to write: You capture your submission and love of music so thoughtfully in this image! Subtle, yet evocative xx 😉

Kilted Wookie bemoans his lack of a play partner on Valentines Day in his post Morning Glory. Left me inarticulate and wanting too…

Rebels Notes Picking Roses  inspired Missy of  Focused and Filthy to write: What a fabulous composition. Beautiful red contrasts with you creamy complexion. Gorgeous.
Missy x

Mrs Fever of Temperatures Rising wrote Shedding Some Light on ‘Erotic’ Photography for this weeks #WickedWednesday. This is the kind of very thoughtful, detailed post (with examples) I have come to expect from Feve.  She also included her own subtle, erotic, light-filled image.
I found myself struggling to respond (my brain is still at The Oasis) but fortunately others were eager to do so, covering points that thoroughly resonated with my own thinking. I found it hard to choose so here are quotes from two commentators.

Be sure to check out the entire commentary section as well as unabridged comments cited here – as well as the original post of course!

Jane Renault @jayne_renault thanked Mrs Fever for her “thoughtful observations on erotic photography and art at large“. She observed the following:
“Just as – when interpreting the written word – there is much to be deciphered between the lines, so too is there significance – where photography is concerned – in the shadows.
Likewise, there is significance in the point of view – the perspective – from which those shadows are framed. The strange becomes familiar and the familiar strange, when the angle from which it is being presented changes…”

May More @more_matters found Feve’s photograph “extremely erotic”. May also noted that the post was “a fantastic look at other peoples images – I remember them all – unforgettable may be a good indicator?”

Just Had to Say

Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty posted yet another fabulous flash on #Sinful Sunday this week, entitled Fernery revisited
These are such vibrant sexy images. And there is something about those glasses… I think it’s the air of sophistication and glamour, coupled with the sheer naughtiness of your exhibitionism… Indie

Mental Images and Sexy Sounds

Thanks to Pain as Pleasure (and Mistress Elita) for the post Naked  I’m very aware of sound as an erotic trigger and I so love that video! (The image is also amazing I love those sexy little finger movements). However it was the snap of leather that really got to me and I had to buy the music.

I also need to thank Lexy from The Lexy Experiment (and her commentators) for her post put some music on for contributing to my music collection this week!

I had loads of mental images reading LoveBunny’s WW post Dance for me, Senorita. Clearly I was not alone in this – @PosyChurchgate commented cheerily: That was very flirty and playful LB, I was kinda hoping they might do the horizontal salsa, but perhaps I can wait til next week if they can! (loving the plum lingerie – I think we have the same favourite colour!)


2 thoughts on “No. 16. Responding to Erotic Photography #SoSS

  1. Only just caught up with this Indie – this is a fabulous image of you, a favourite of mine!
    And now I notice, after reading all your well chosen shares, that you quoted my comment! Wasn’t that story of LB’s sweet and hot?

    Liked by 1 person

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