No 20. Vintage Bra

I love wearing, photographing and drawing vintage clothing, although I haven’t featured it very much on my blog. However, last year I did take some photographs of me wearing an apricot vintage petticoat and a (non-vintage) bra in apricot and black lace, while posing on a makeshift swing – you can find the post: HotButtons#6Flashing for a Lover here.

The bra featured in the current images, like the pink swing coat and the wire stand that forms the background in the photograph, has remained in my collection for at least 27 years, despite the covetous approaches of others.
I have never worn it but I adore it – so much so that I have drawn it (see below) back in the days when drawing vintage clothing was my oeuvre. The charcoal drawing is around 18 years old, and no longer in my collection. Finally, the artificial flowers at the base came back from Granada last year in my suitcase, purloined from a waste bin at the cemetery on the Day of the Dead.

Todays photograph is new however, as I wanted to simultaneously share a photograph for FebruaryPhotofest2019 and Violet Fawkes meme Lingerie is for Everyone, and decided I needed a different approach as my boobs have been featured quite a lot recently. I hope it meets with your approval, it does mine.


strapless bradrawing

This post was inspired by the wonderful May More of @more_matters. To see a photo of her encased in a corset of a similar  vintage is a delight.

February Photofest

10 thoughts on “No 20. Vintage Bra

    • Thanks Miss Scarlet, I’ve always enjoyed to draw but it was not until I studied formally that my work took off. I’m enjoying getting back into it I must say. Xx Indie


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