No. 23. #SoSS

lost for words1

Feeling a little bit:
Lost for Words

Ria Restrepo of Ria’s Writing wrote a lovely sexy tale for KOTW entitled Shelter From the Storm to which Missy replied: I loved this. The characterisation was great and the encounter between then was really hot. I enjoyed the buildup and him ‘strumming’ her clit 🙂

Ink has posed some amazing, sensual images for FebruaryPhotoFest2019 – see for example Repose. I have commented on some of them, but really my words are inadequate.

May More of @more_matters wrote a brilliantly wicked, irreverent and totally astonishing story for this week’s #WickedWednesday, entitled The Heart Locker. I was lost for words, but K from @ablazingmodesty commented on how it made her Wicked Wednesday: “Latin I think” !!! Absolutely LOVED that . . . and in fact the whole story had me in fits !!!…
Xxx – K

Life of Elliott wrote a splendid post for #MasturbationMonday entitled: Mutual Masturbation @PosyChurchgate replied at some length:
Ohhhh Elliott – you have lots of sexy teasing fun with your coterie of ladies! I am so envious!!
In a long established relationship it’s easy to stop doing the fun, frivolous bits and your post has reminded me what joy there is to be had. You can never recreate the new-ness but there are so many other aspects OH and I could do/renjoy if we allowed ourselves to be playful as you and your friends with benefits do. Note to Posy to try harder!
I love the details, not just of what you do to yourself, what toys you use, your texting and filming but how you appreciate the ladies – their different attributes, the way they talk (who knew you loved swearing? …. and there’s me been on my best behaviour!!) You truly make a woman feel like a woman – desirable, of worth, sexy, fun (and a dirty little sex kitten – if that’s what she wants!)
I loved your take on mutual masturbation Elliott – thanks for sharing xx


Molly from @mollysdailykiss had me babbling with her photo I Want Sin

The focus, the intense colour, the trail of light across the floor and the position of your feet in those fabulous shoes! And if that isn’t enough you’ve added that passionate quote from Huxley!!!!
It’s way beyond “fuck me on the dance floor”, (though that too).xx Indie And yes painterly feel.

I babbled some more reading Mrs Fever’s post Love Hurts. I was fascinated by her awareness of sexual contact when: The somatic perception is misaligned with the erotic expectation.” 

Being a total David Bowie/Labyrith tragic I was thrilled to see Zebra Rose’s story Helping Hands in KOTW. I did write a congratulatory comment but it seems to have vanished – hopefully only till it’s approved.

February Photofest


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