No. 24. Fingers (and Hands)

cmhandsblu (2)

Kink of the Week: Hands

Hands hold an erotic charge for me because of where my imagination ventures when thinking of being touched. Reading the responses so far to the KOTW prompt ‘Hands’ demonstrates that I am certainly not alone in this.

Like many of my fellow bloggers I have written a number of previous posts which feature hands and being touched including FPF2018 #13 Hands which featured a poem about CM with an image of John Oh’s hands; Drive In featuring some fingering and cunnilingus with Russell and Drowsy a summer interlude with Ryan. I also like to use and think about using my own hands on lovers to various ends. If you haven’t caught the poem I wrote about my hands and CM for FebruaryPhotoFest Day 18 entitled F(r)iction then it may be timely…

On a completely different note – thinking about hands and therefore fingers and fingering for KOTW, a memory surfaced from a time in my teens when I was oddly attracted to a strangers hands. I’d forgotten all about it until now.

During the 1960’s I used to watch and lust after Irish comedian Dave Allen (Tonight With Dave Allen, The Dave Allen Show, Dave Allen at Large). In those days I found his fidgety mannerisms and his self-deprecating, cerebral yet shocking (for the times) brand of humour, hot. I also found him physically hot, his expressive face creased in humour, the contrast between the suits he wore and his complicated devious and sexually knowing tale, but above all I was fascinated by his hands. Or more correctly – hand.

Allen had a finger missing on his left hand – apparently from a factory accident –  and  he frequently invented tales about his missing digit. I too invented tales about his missing digit, tales which revolved around the erotic use of that stub of a finger.  I have no idea why I found the thought of his left hand touching me so erotic, but I did. Perhaps because my late night tv viewing came at a time when I was discovering the delicious pleasures of being fingered, but most likely it was part of the complete package of the man himself. I say this because I’ve not had any other instances of erotic attractions to missing limbs – fingers or otherwise. Make of this what you will…

FebruaryPhotoFest2019 and Sinful Sunday

This post not only contributes to KOTW, but also FebruaryPhotoFest2019 and SinfulSunday, so I wanted to share a photograph that features an image of the hands that I  love to look at, fantasize about and on occasion touch and have touch me. So of course the photograph above features CM’s hands, with his permission as always. I took a couple of photos of him on the weekend before he asked me to be his companion. Focusing on his face – he was having a stressful day – it wasn’t until later that I realised that I’d taken a telling shot of his hands. That day marked a turning point in our relationship and therefore I have chosen to emphasize something of the intensity of our encounter, turning to ipiccy for cropping and filters.


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8 thoughts on “No. 24. Fingers (and Hands)

  1. Hands aren’t a body part I’m drawn to (in general, there are of course always exceptions), however, I love seeing photos where people have photographed hands that mean something to them, they are always fascinating and have a level of intimacy about them that always makes me smile and your images above did just that x

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