No. 25. Pensive

pensive (3)

This filter was inspired by reading and admiring a post by my Catalan friend Lixie. As always, Lixie makes me think about life from another perspective which is something I treasure in all my fellow bloggers.

Lixie’s beautiful art also offers a differing approach to anything I create (which is of course one of many reasons why art is so important). In many of her photos blue filters seem to enhance a cool beauty, but also hint at memory, loss, time and distance.  I’m feeling quite pensive today, my time in Barcelona (which unfortunately was the closest I got to catching up with her) seems so long ago already. So Lix if you see this, this ones for you.

February Photofest

PS: I don’t know if you know this song but it’s one I love and somehow fits the mood.

XXXXXXXX (one for everyday of the week and twice on Sundays)


8 thoughts on “No. 25. Pensive

  1. I liked the song Indie, which I hadn’t heard before. You photo is very strong and is imbuded with your pensivity. A mood which I hope doesn’t last too long. I enjoyed reading about Lixie and her art. She is clearly another wonderful woman. x

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    • Thanks Pons. I’m pleased to have introduced you to some new music. Oddly I took the photo a couple of weeks ago, but it seemed apt today. Glad to see you are “travelling” well. 😉


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