No. 28. Reclining Hare

smiling dead hare

Day 28. of #FebruaryPhotoFest2019. For some strange reason the Bad Hare needs a rest.  It’s been fun, but hard work. At least all my photos are posted, but I’m waaay behind on feedback to others. My apologies.

Thanks again Molly @Mollysdailykiss for hosting #FebruaryPhotofest2019.

Thanks again Sara A. for your beautiful  photos from last year. And Craig M. for your beautiful photographic work and creating the space to enable our joint efforts on the computer. (And giving me incentive to clean up my photo repository, and providing loads of IT assistance, and the odd cup of tea).

This photo was taken the same day as the first 2019 post Slippery When Wet and also No. 10. Hare’s Choice. I was supposed to look asleep or dead or something, but THAT MAN kept up a monologue about tentacles…

February Photofest

7 thoughts on “No. 28. Reclining Hare

  1. Sometimes the act of taking the photo is the real art. What made you smile. The memory. Those things are contained in the image. A thousand words.

    I got behind on comments, but I am doing an SOSS to highlight everyone’s hard work!

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