Concupiscence: Strong sexual desire, lust, ardent usually sensual longing.

This image was created by Craig M. with verbal input from myself, in response to #SinfulSunday prompt Double Exposure. We used a photograph he had taken of me back in January 2018.

I employed a version of the pose taken from a different angle by Sara A. during that same photoshoot; editing it to create an image of Danae for February PhotoFest #22, Art Twist#3 and Wicked Wednesday, entitled ‘Golden Years?’ Although this is not intended to be another version of Danae (although I do love Rembrandt’s and Klimt’s paintings), I find the chiaroscuro reminds me of the Old Masters – who often employed velvety blacks and golden highlights. Craig has far more effective editing tools than I have ever used, and the results certainly speak for themselves.This image was the result of the photo being copied, flipped and filtered in Analogue Exef Pro 2.

Craig’s choice of title too brings me a good deal of bemusement given how long I was in that state over the last 12 months. However our creative and companionate relationship is something which has emerged from this flame of intense desire and from my POV we are now in a delightful state of playful ease with each other. To my amazement I was not only given permission to be around his side of the kitchen bench tonight, but allowed to cook a meal. Nothing fancy, just poached eggs, mushrooms and spinach on toast. He is, it seems, “practicing being out of his comfort zone”.

In handing over the prompt, my initial vision for this image and the bulk of the editing work to him, I too am  practicing being out of my comfort zone. In being Doubly Exposed the gains in this instance for both of us are more than doubled.

To see who else is Sinfully exposing themselves this Sunday click on the link below…


Sinful Sunday


29 thoughts on “Concupiscence

  1. I had to look at this a few times to realise exactly which part of you Craig is showing and wow, yes it does the job. It seems like you are being exposed by a fire of intense desire, for my part I’ve had wine and am now being subjected to some rhythmic music xxx

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    • Thanks Annie. I am in a happy place. Though it is not without some issues I can see what a positive difference we are making in each other’s lives and compared to last year it is light years away. 😄


    • Thanks love I will pass on your compliments to Craig. He handled the controls while I said “ I like that strip between”, and “can we make it darker”. As a tonalist I’ve been a huge fan chiaroscuro since art school, but photography allows what even good quality charcoal doesn’t and I rarely mess around with paint don’t have the floors for it (lol).

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