Dancing in the Gathering Dark (1)

dancing in the dark (2)

It’s been a longish time since I posted, however this weeks Sinful Sunday “Outtakes” prompt lured me out, coming as it did hard on the heels of a wonderful photoshoot CM and I did together last week.

We were fortunate to gain permission to photograph inside a gloomy, near derelict 1940’s house that went up for auction yesterday. The resultant photographs from our afternoon shoot are stunning, and I was so happy to be working with my creative companion Craig M on this project. To see a couple of the shots that met with CM’s creative standards and read some nice comments he wrote about it click here.

The furniture and props you see in both our photos are part of the “half a house” CM insists I bought with me, but all those years of searching out weird bits and pieces for my art paid off the other day, even if I didn’t get to use the carpet!

Meanwhile, as my second Dancing in the Gathering Dark post will make clear I like the consideration that it is still possible to dance in the “gathering dark”. I think Craig’s photo’s (and my edits) captures this well, even though it probably will be an outake as far as he is concerned. (He routinely compresses our shoots from hundreds down to tens).

If you want to follow me on my Art blog Badhareart please do so, it would be great to see some familiar names…

Happy Sinful Sunday and to see who else has things to show and tell you click on the lips below

Sinful Sunday


14 thoughts on “Dancing in the Gathering Dark (1)

  1. I love this shot Indy, the movement and lighting is wonderful. I read your other post and I am sorry life has been difficult but I hope now you have some answers with your health things will start to improve


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