Dancing in the Gathering Dark (2)

IMG_9624 (1).JPG

This post follows on from my Sinful Sunday post Dancing in the Gathering Dark (1) and is intended to provide my followers with an explanation on why I haven’t blogged for sometime, and what the future may hold, without impinging on the Sinful Sunday edict that “it’s all about the picture.”

The photoshoot mentioned in the previous entry gave me a wonderful boost, as I had been struggling with my energy levels and wellbeing since I returned from overseas. Even though CM and I have slowly reached a level of stability and understanding, I had found it difficult to decide what to do in relation to my financial and living situation. Having finally reached a point where I planned to move to the Oasis, even though it would take me an hour and half’s drive away from family and friends, my plans were abruptly thrown into reverse in the last ten days in the aftermath of some unexpected but revealing health issues.

Put simply, I have just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for my oscillating energies. Hopefully a change in lifestyle will help me manage this – I’ve radically changed my diet and am now walking again almost as much as I did overseas. My blood pressure medication has been altered and already this is the best it’s been in years.

Unfortunately I have also been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, which can be a tough outcome for a visual artist, or it can take them in new directions. Having seen how Mum struggled with her loss of vision I have a pretty clear idea of the physical future, so I’m thinking I may move away from my drawing practice and into more tactile/spatial works again. Hopefully my creative collaboration with CM will continue to provide stimulus, meanwhile I’ve begun a series of photographic works that feature my eyes. You can see some of these on Bad Hare Art a new creative blog I started a little while ago.

The loss of vision also has implications for my independence as it means that I will eventually have to relinquish my licence. Because of this I will now have to sell the Oasis and remain in town.

As I am typing the lines move around the page quite a bit so while I’m waiting for a new set of glasses, I’m currently considering options in relation to my computer use. I count myself fortunate to live at a time when technology is advancing so rapidly, so I’m not in despair. At least I am of a generation that routinely uses a computer – I know it would have helped Mum if she had been able to do so. I had hoped to get back to regular blogging, but this seems unlikely, as my energies are now concentrating around my broader creative work, and new blog. However I will probably post here and to Sinful Sunday occasionally and also sometimes on Twitter, as I do like to know what is happening with my online mates. I simply don’t have the stamina for a lot of words these days, so I doubt i’ll be writing long posts or giving lengthy feedback. I’ve already offered @MPBJulie the full “ownership” of ArtTwist to reinstate or not as she chooses.

I’m so glad to have had the blogging opportunities that I have had, it was a great move to create Indigo and this blog – it got me through the tough times after Mum’s death, kickstarted my creativity again, and as a follow on introduced me to my precious friend and creative companion CM. It also introduced me to some wonderful people both here and overseas, and in the process enabled me to distinguish a vibrator from a dildo (by touch thankfully!)  while inviting my previously unacknowledged kinky self to come out to play! There are still important issues to be addressed in relation to aging and sexuality and I may also have more to say on this, it rather depends on how my own health issues play out.

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