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Welcome to my blog. Please refer to me as Indigo…
Because this blog features adult content and deals with issues relating to aging, sex and dying and erotic creativity, it is not for everyone regardless of age. (18+ only).


However if these are matters which concern, interest, challenge or delight you, please, be welcome…

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This blog is a space where I work and play with ideas, words and images.

It is a spot for occasional reviews, and the odd rant.

The home of the ArtTwist meme…

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A showcase for original and erotic artworks, writing, resources, links, issues, experiences and ideas. Ideas which centre around (but are not necessarily confined to)  issues that affect the lives of mature women who have a lust for life, an appetite for the imaginative and an appreciation of death.

These are matters that I have long believed place me in the Archetypal realms of the Goddesses Aphrodite and Persephone (although Athena and Hera sometimes configure strongly in my life). Those who are familiar with mythology will also recognise the presence of Baubo the aging crone who exposes her genitals in a gesture of anasyrma. In doing so she reminds (amongst other things) of the need to not take ourselves too seriously…

Nothing I write here should be considered universal or regarded as prescriptive for others, and in  the event that I receive support or remuneration from any products, reviews or services mentioned in my writing I will clearly state  this.



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Posts in this blog:

  • Document but do not necessarily discuss the path of my journey so far.
  • Are often connected to erotic/creative meme’s simply because I  need an incentive to be creative or social. They also regularly acknowledge the creative work of other (mainly) sex bloggers as part of our endeavours to stop Social Media impositions on our work.
  • Include stories of personal, social and political challenge and change as well as adventuring into sensual photography, erotic writing, occasional reviews of selected toys, books, art and film – returning to my past as much  as to the present for material to share.
  • Occasionally include retweets of other peoples posts which move me.


The pages

  • Feature links and writings on matters which are often taboo or marginal in contemporary society.
  • Honour aspects of  Inspiration & Creativity, Sexuality, Aging and Death. I strongly encourage you to look around and see what is on offer here, some of it is personal, but there are also things to get your brain as well as your loins moving.
  • House my original erotic writings, short videos and original drawings. as well as wish lists, and links to my other sites on Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr and Patreon, some of which are still in the pipeline. I no longer bother with Facebook because of their misogynist attitudes.
  • Provide practical info such as Upcoming Posts, Ways to contact me etc.To learn more about my background motives and approaches to this blog please continue…


Why this blog – now

I am a 64 year old Anglo-Australian woman on a revitalized journey of self discovery, which began after the passing of my much loved mother early in 2017. Mum had been my live in companion and I, her carer, for three and a half years prior to her death at age 91. Coming to terms with the death of someone you love is hard, however I’ve since discovered that coming to terms with re-emerging life in the aftermath of a death can also be very difficult…

Wild About That (Sexy) Thing!

During the time mum and I lived together my sexual energies had become dormant. Therefore the unexpected reemergence of my sexuality a few days after Mums’ death was a shocking, yet welcome event, which challenged both my sense of self, and vision for the future. It has become one of life’s pivotal moments leading to an ongoing search for emotional well being, through creative, sexual and intellectual stimulation, despite the ongoing grief which makes everyday life difficult.

Blogging offers me ways to reflect on the aftermath of this pivotal moment; to reflect on my life and relationships to date, share a sense of the present and perhaps set in motion possibilities for whatever time I have left. Sharing my blog and interacting with other sex-positive people involves a continuous process of self – education. Through blogging, self-questioning and sexual self-exploration I have come to appreciate a world beyond vanilla, to recognize that I once stood on the threshold of further investigation of that world, but that circumstances turned me away. So here I am again, proceeding cautiously but with an open mind…


As an artist (whose practice, of necessity, has been on hold for a number of years) sometime writer, and occasional dancer, creativity is a vital part of my being. I approach my art as I approach this blog – with an eye for beauty, complexity and possibility, within the specifics of personal, mythic, socio-cultural and political frameworks.


Pink Pussy- Homage to Baubo (2017) Pastel on handmade paper

Exploring my changing body through the visual arts, including photography, while simultaneously believing that my ideas, erotic writings and everyday observations will resonate with others forms the basis for my work. Listening to a range of music including the sexually subversive music of 20th century Jazz, Blues and Rock provides a constant soundtrack to my creativity and sexuality.


The Personal is The Political…

Thanks to a far sighted government back in the 1970’s, I attended university and subsequently went on to teach there. I was lucky that the times and my drive toward learning coincided since I left secondary school early to join the workforce, a move which I eventually saw as counterproductive. I am acutely aware that I now occupy a relatively privileged and mostly mainstream position, although my marital and economic status still leaves me vulnerable to age related issues which are now being identified as affecting older people, especially women.

I count myself fortunate to live in a country where there is a degree of tolerance for people expressing their sexuality, and I’m old enough to recognize substantial changes which have and are occurring in my lifetime, even though at times it seems like the world is going backwards. I recently voted YES and cried for joy when we finally pushed the legislation for same sex marriage through the Australian parliament. At the same time the #MeToo movement has brought issues of consent and sexual predation further to the forefront of consciousness in the Western-centric world including Australia. However,  my on line activities have reminded me how, as a society, we continue to dismiss or stigmatize  a range of issues relating to sex and gender.

Through social media I have encountered sexual prejudice and stigmatization first hand. I have also been made more acutely aware of intolerance and the need to be involved in grass roots activism to protect and where possible enhance the economic, legal, and human rights status of people who work in all aspects of the sex industry.  Matters of gender equality and ability rights, gender identity and body positivity and diverse approaches to sexuality including BDSM, have all been drawn to my attention again.   I am also noticing more clearly ways in which socio-economic, socio-cultural and gender related poverty all take on additional complexities when age, race and sexual expression are factored in, in various ways.

A short time after my mother died I read a book related to the need for changes in the aged care industry, which became part of the catalyst for this blog. The book, admittedly at least 15 years old, mentioned the intolerant and judgemental attitude of a worker in an aged care facility toward an elderly resident who liked to engage in masturbation in the ‘privacy’ of her room.  The importance of continuing to express sexuality as we age, become residents in nursing homes and/or make our desires and wishes known through “advanced directives” or “living wills” are also vital issues. This, and the reports of sexual abuse of the elderly which are reported all too often in the newspapers give me further reasons to write.

As a woman who is in the process of re-discovering sexual and sensual pleasure in her older years, I feel outraged and challenged by these callous instances. I also feel the need to maintain a position of relative anonymity (hence my blogging name Indigo), in order to protect myself from malice and predation. Some behaviours are hard to get past, and sexism and ageism are not far below the surface…

Persephones Realm


Thinking about this incident and the attitudes which underpin it also leads me further into the labyrinth of aged care, dying and death which started my initial journey.  Therefore part of this blog is a space in which I share ideas on what may be for me, for others and ultimately for the planet; not only a well lived life, but also a good death.