ArtTwist#6 – Jean-Leon Gerome

Jean-Léon Gérôme was a French born artist, whose better known works demonstrate an ongoing fascination with painting and sculpting Oriental and romanticised Ancient History scenes. Gérôme’s interest in Oriental painting stemmed from an initial visit to Egypt in 1856, and continued throughout his career. In particular the artist had a fascination with the life of the women of the Harem.

ArtTwist#5 Roundup

Thanks to Julie of @MPBjulie for the ArtTwist#5 prompt by Fragonard – The Swing. Cammies @cammiesonthefloor and Molly from @Mollysdailykiss both contributed fabulous works which interpreted the concept in unique and engaging ways. It was also Molly’s first time playing ArtTwist and I was delighted to see her taking part given how many other things she has going.
I was happy with the studio shots not the least because I could drop my knickers to half mast without worrying about entertaining the neighbourhood…

What’s in a name?

Performing as Indigo has made me bolder, more creative and more willing to take a risk. It is Indigo who led me into writing erotica and posting photos on my blog. She has brought me new sexual experiences (and a ridiculous amount of sex toys!) and led me into kink.


J-r was always more alternative and edgier than I. But I respected his determination, his ethos, and his creativity, even though I often disagreed with his Taurean, older brother attitude. He paved the way for my freedoms both as a teenager and now as an older woman.

Sun, Moon and Stars

I loved the prompt, but written inspiration was lacking, then I remembered I’d covered the heavenly bodies in some form in photos posted on #SinfulSunday some time ago. So may I humbly suggest you get out your telescopes and peruse the images on offer – again…

The Almeh

Since I didn’t end up posting an entry for my own meme ArtTwist#6 last month, and no-one else did either I have extended the prompt until the 7th of June.
The prompt, you may recall, related to the paintings of Jean-Léon Gérôme.

and so, it continues…

The nervous anticipation of being led, blindfolded, by a stranger, across the cavernous warehouse space. The moment when the music enlivened my hips, replacing my timidity with playfulness, trust and mutual interaction. Being bent over the leather stool, ropes encircling my arms.

Waiting. waiting…