Hot Button#8 – Woof!

This is two posts in one – in the first I talk about my masturbation fantasies – which are all I have in the way of actual sex at the moment, in the second my past experiences/ emerging desires. The former relies on a modified version of doggy style, the latter various doggy style approaches and possibilities I’ve experienced or would like to experience, perhaps in conjunction with my new passion, bondage.

Hot Buttons#7 Creativity

Today I was able to attend a Rope and Drawing session at Splinter in Melbourne. We were fortunate to have Rigger Extatis and Model Jarrod working for us. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to draw Shibari up close and personal and I had a brilliant day. My artists eye and my kink sensibilities both had a fabulous workout. While I was trying to work out how to draw a pose, I was also looking at the emotions, and positions and the rope placement thinking, OMG I have to do that to someone /experience that done to me – soon…

Hot Button#3 – Reading Erotica

I have maybe half a dozen books of (mostly) short stories (including Delta of Venus by Anais Nin) at least half of which involve tentacles or beasts of some sort. While i am no “beauty” I do find myself frequently attracted to the “beast”. I’m enough of a romantic, and I’ve been immersed sufficiently in myth over many years to get off on these sorts of ideas, both in my erotic reading and sometimes, to my detriment, in real life.

HotButton#4 – Car Sex & other catastrophes (averted)

One of the first times I had sex in a car it was moving and I had the added concern of my boyfriend’s parents occupying the front seats as we drove from Melbourne to country Victoria. I have no recollection of where we had been, but I recall the interminable drone of their conversation as the brightly lit streets of the city slid past. I also knew where I was going when Warren stopped kissing me, looked deeply into my eyes, slid his finger under the elastic of my knickers and into my very wet pussy for the first time.

Hot Buttons #1 – Laughter

Sara, Craig and myself together and individually are all caught up in the struggle to make some sense of our lives in the madness of the early 21st century, in the aftermath of failed relationships, death, financial struggles and insane working conditions. Just as they bring joy into my life I hope I bring joy into theirs – because we all need to be able to laugh and feel free of the weight for a while.