Turning the tide

Its not erotica, but I believe it is erotic, simply because I think I’ve captured something of the essence of the man (and my joy in being around him). I wanted to share it with you (with, of course, his permission). I haven’t been so inspired to draw in a long time, and although my feelings for him were clearly a catalyst, they have cleared a pathway back to my earlier love of drawing. So expect more, maybe on the blog, maybe on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

#ArtTwist 3 – Danae

– if you have red hair, are into orgasms, golden showers and/or charismatic God-like men then you are bound to find something to contribute to the latest ArtTwist prompt. Perhaps you might consider relocating the roses on Danae’s face to a different area. Time to get twisted again: #ArtTwist#3