Three songs and a hirsute man

The man, his music, the dope and the panel van became familiar territory in the succeeding months we spent in each others company. We made no pretence of love, but our non-monogamous relationship was, in the first instance, an anodyne to my sadness and eroded confidence.


I’ve missed a couple of #SoSS posts, and I’ve missed giving feedback to my fellow bloggers who post to my reader or to the meme’s I follow. This was due to a range of factors but I’ve felt bad that I’m not contributing. As someone who has been dealt a few stinging blows to my self esteem and confidence this fortnight “Sting” seems like an appropriate word to hang my post on.

ArtTwist#6 – Jean-Leon Gerome

Jean-Léon Gérôme was a French born artist, whose better known works demonstrate an ongoing fascination with painting and sculpting Oriental and romanticised Ancient History scenes. Gérôme’s interest in Oriental painting stemmed from an initial visit to Egypt in 1856, and continued throughout his career. In particular the artist had a fascination with the life of the women of the Harem.

ArtTwist#5 Roundup

Thanks to Julie of @MPBjulie for the ArtTwist#5 prompt by Fragonard – The Swing. Cammies @cammiesonthefloor and Molly from @Mollysdailykiss both contributed fabulous works which interpreted the concept in unique and engaging ways. It was also Molly’s first time playing ArtTwist and I was delighted to see her taking part given how many other things she has going.
I was happy with the studio shots not the least because I could drop my knickers to half mast without worrying about entertaining the neighbourhood…

What money can’t buy

I sat there in my bright red lipstick, my hair in a tight high plait, wearing my indigo “make an effort” clothing, and wondered what the gentle man who served me thought. The eggplant biryani was excellent, the music atmospheric and I had the odd sensation of being in a film…
The re-emergence of my creativity is worth more to me than a million dollars, and that is incredibly magical and sexy.

Hot Button#8 – Woof!

This is two posts in one – in the first I talk about my masturbation fantasies – which are all I have in the way of actual sex at the moment, in the second my past experiences/ emerging desires. The former relies on a modified version of doggy style, the latter various doggy style approaches and possibilities I’ve experienced or would like to experience, perhaps in conjunction with my new passion, bondage.

Hot Buttons#7 Creativity

Today I was able to attend a Rope and Drawing session at Splinter in Melbourne. We were fortunate to have Rigger Extatis and Model Jarrod working for us. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to draw Shibari up close and personal and I had a brilliant day. My artists eye and my kink sensibilities both had a fabulous workout. While I was trying to work out how to draw a pose, I was also looking at the emotions, and positions and the rope placement thinking, OMG I have to do that to someone /experience that done to me – soon…