ArtTwist#6 – Jean-Leon Gerome

Jean-Léon Gérôme was a French born artist, whose better known works demonstrate an ongoing fascination with painting and sculpting Oriental and romanticised Ancient History scenes. Gérôme’s interest in Oriental painting stemmed from an initial visit to Egypt in 1856, and continued throughout his career. In particular the artist had a fascination with the life of the women of the Harem.

ArtTwist#5 Roundup

Thanks to Julie of @MPBjulie for the ArtTwist#5 prompt by Fragonard – The Swing. Cammies @cammiesonthefloor and Molly from @Mollysdailykiss both contributed fabulous works which interpreted the concept in unique and engaging ways. It was also Molly’s first time playing ArtTwist and I was delighted to see her taking part given how many other things she has going.
I was happy with the studio shots not the least because I could drop my knickers to half mast without worrying about entertaining the neighbourhood…

#ArtTwist4 – Roundup

This months prompt “Susanna”, suggested by the fabulous May Moore from @more_matters and SexMatters drew five entries. Given that kinky folk were highly preoccupied with #Eroticon2018, and the #SmutMarathon I think this was a very respectable (!) turnout.

#ArtTwist5 – The Swing

…this “frivolous” work… is packed with symbolic detail, including not only the saucy woman on the swing but two men one behind pulling the swing with ropes, the other below getting an eyeful up her voluminous skirts. From the expression on her face, I’m fairly sure she knows he’s down there. Apparently the older chap at the back is unaware. #ArtTwist5