FPF 2018 #28 Crystal Ball

One page also reminded me to trust my intuition, which would be great except that my intuition seems to be sending me in two different directions. It’s so very easy to position your obvious sexual and creative desires within a course of action only to realise you’ve made another stupid life mistake and, what’s worse, one you’ve made before! At a point in time when it actually felt like I was making progress I now feel rather like I’m treading water – or going round in circles again.

FPF 2018 #20 Alien

Many years ago i wrote sci-fi short stories for my own entertainment. Looking at some of Lascivious Lucy’s recent writing brought it all back. So I sent her a copy of the middle image on Twitter, and we talked about her possibly using it in conjunction with a story. There is something very serpentine/cephalapod about it I think.