FPF 2018 #20 Alien

Many years ago i wrote sci-fi short stories for my own entertainment. Looking at some of Lascivious Lucy’s recent writing brought it all back. So I sent her a copy of the middle image on Twitter, and we talked about her possibly using it in conjunction with a story. There is something very serpentine/cephalapod about it I think.

FPF 2018 #18 Danae

I love Gustav Klimt’s painting of Danae being impregnated by Zeus in a shower of molten gold. This, and the knowledge that I am not the only one who loves this work decided me to use it for the ArtTwist#3 prompt. I love the dreamy expression on Danae’s face in the work, as she clutches the knowledge of her arousal and penetration to her, but above all I love the lusciousness of Danae’s glorious arse. While mine is nowhere near as magical as that in the painting, I love the way it looks in this photo.

FBF 2018 #12 Artistic Collaboration

I’ve been thinking about relationships between visual and media based artists and their models a lot lately. In the process I’ve also revisited the idea of interactions between artists and their muses as a somewhat tortured (often unconsummated) power dynamic (I write my best poetry when in this situation), and also begun to consider the idea of artists and their erotic/kinky collaborators. How do you collaborate?