Hot Button#8 – Woof!

This is two posts in one – in the first I talk about my masturbation fantasies – which are all I have in the way of actual sex at the moment, in the second my past experiences/ emerging desires. The former relies on a modified version of doggy style, the latter various doggy style approaches and possibilities I’ve experienced or would like to experience, perhaps in conjunction with my new passion, bondage.

#SoSS – sexy clothing

Part of the reason for feeling in such a constant state of arousal stems from the wearing of my black corset for the first time. I’ve discovered how good it feels to have that garment pulled firmly around my body, and I’ve actually been wearing it at home all day today because it feels a bit like being hugged tightly and that’s something I crave at the moment…

FPF 2018 #10 Boots

Currently I own the much admired pair of short navy boots shown in this photograph. These are part of Indigo’s wardrobe, and so they are my “kinky boots”. They’ve taken me to OzKink and given me sore feet at Sexpo. They double as part of my pseudo-Victorian “seduced/seductive maid” fantasy, along with petticoats, corsets, my navy stockings, riding crop and cane.

Spitting, Sex and Gadjo Dilo

There is however, one more instance of spitting I’d like to share and discuss. I’ve had personal experience with this, Ryan and I engaged in this activity probably twice. For want of another way of putting it I’ll call it erotic spitting…
I have no idea how many readers have watched the film Gadjo Dilo, released in 1998. In my opinion its a great movie but hard to obtain now. #Kinkoftheweek