Sun, Moon and Stars

I loved the prompt, but written inspiration was lacking, then I remembered I’d covered the heavenly bodies in some form in photos posted on #SinfulSunday some time ago. So may I humbly suggest you get out your telescopes and peruse the images on offer – again…

Hot Buttons#7 Creativity

Today I was able to attend a Rope and Drawing session at Splinter in Melbourne. We were fortunate to have Rigger Extatis and Model Jarrod working for us. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to draw Shibari up close and personal and I had a brilliant day. My artists eye and my kink sensibilities both had a fabulous workout. While I was trying to work out how to draw a pose, I was also looking at the emotions, and positions and the rope placement thinking, OMG I have to do that to someone /experience that done to me – soon…

Hot Button#3 – Reading Erotica

I have maybe half a dozen books of (mostly) short stories (including Delta of Venus by Anais Nin) at least half of which involve tentacles or beasts of some sort. While i am no “beauty” I do find myself frequently attracted to the “beast”. I’m enough of a romantic, and I’ve been immersed sufficiently in myth over many years to get off on these sorts of ideas, both in my erotic reading and sometimes, to my detriment, in real life.

Hair Trigger

Our sporadic conversation dwindled, died, deepened into energised silence, punctuated by faint sounds. The hissing murmur of the gaslight, the dull swishing rhythm of the brush, the liquid clench as one or both of us swallowed. Time and space narrowed as the brush passed repeatedly across his head, and the faint perfume of his scalp and my arousal gradually intermingled with the smell of wood smoke.

FBF 2018 #12 Artistic Collaboration

I’ve been thinking about relationships between visual and media based artists and their models a lot lately. In the process I’ve also revisited the idea of interactions between artists and their muses as a somewhat tortured (often unconsummated) power dynamic (I write my best poetry when in this situation), and also begun to consider the idea of artists and their erotic/kinky collaborators. How do you collaborate?