New Things?

I haven’t encountered the me that’s alive and dripping with energy and eroticism for a long time, and certainly never in the form it’s currently manifesting. My creative collaboration with both my photographers is amazing, and life enhancing, but scary too. I’m already scrabbling, frightened, like a rat in a trap.

Absorbed in pleasure

A perfect day for our river photoshoot, conducted to reflect the theme of Susanna and the Elders for #ArtTwist4. There were no Elders in sight, but an elderly couple and their dogs, plus a couple on a motorbike arrived and left in the early stages of the shoot, before any clothing was shed.

FPF 2018 #18 Danae

I love Gustav Klimt’s painting of Danae being impregnated by Zeus in a shower of molten gold. This, and the knowledge that I am not the only one who loves this work decided me to use it for the ArtTwist#3 prompt. I love the dreamy expression on Danae’s face in the work, as she clutches the knowledge of her arousal and penetration to her, but above all I love the lusciousness of Danae’s glorious arse. While mine is nowhere near as magical as that in the painting, I love the way it looks in this photo.