On Flexibility #SoSS

#SoSS The conviction that I needed to get to know more of other writers work, has definitely has been lurking at the back of my mind. So for this weeks #SoSS post I’m going to start with some older posts I’ve noticed while commenting on the current entries on other people’s blogs.

Looking through the selections I realised that they have an underlying theme of ‘flexibility’. And in a number of instances they challenged me to be flexible as well…

Some Extra Love #SoSS

Blogging is fun, but most of us have had struggles and issues and some of us are facing Xmas without those we love by our side. I wanted to send some extra love to all those people out there that I am aware of who are doing it tough this year, through illness, loss, separation, financial hardship and uncertainties about the future, but are still blogging because or despite this. #SoSS