In honour of M – sashaying away

as is often observed the sex blogging community is a smallish but very real community. We care about each others welfare, and the loss of a member is felt and sometimes felt deeply. Not only because we are often set apart from mainstream society but also because we openly share intimacies and insights into our lives, our sexual selves, and quite often our wounds. M did all of those things and graced our lives with some truly wonderful memorable images as well.


I’ve missed a couple of #SoSS posts, and I’ve missed giving feedback to my fellow bloggers who post to my reader or to the meme’s I follow. This was due to a range of factors but I’ve felt bad that I’m not contributing. As someone who has been dealt a few stinging blows to my self esteem and confidence this fortnight “Sting” seems like an appropriate word to hang my post on.

#SoSS – sexy clothing

Part of the reason for feeling in such a constant state of arousal stems from the wearing of my black corset for the first time. I’ve discovered how good it feels to have that garment pulled firmly around my body, and I’ve actually been wearing it at home all day today because it feels a bit like being hugged tightly and that’s something I crave at the moment…