FPF 2018 #20 Alien

Many years ago i wrote sci-fi short stories for my own entertainment. Looking at some of Lascivious Lucy’s recent writing brought it all back. So I sent her a copy of the middle image on Twitter, and we talked about her possibly using it in conjunction with a story. There is something very serpentine/cephalapod about it I think.


in my tutu and stockings, and channeling the artworks of Toulouse Lautrec… Early in the new year I plan to start a regular meme Art Twist which uses artworks (selected and otherwise) as the starting point for some creative adventures such as this one. So you might want to look in your archives, or think about how you can stage your favorite works with this in mind… This will be an opportunity to include more than one person in your images as well…

And… watch this space…

Hotel (part 2)

The waitress smiled in return and disappeared into the dark interior of the cafe, leaving me to unpack my book and settle in the chair, savoring the delicious just-fucked sensation that accompanied my subtle squirming. Opening my book, I smiled at the memory of my lunch time adventure, wondering as I did so, how my companion would fare with his evening rendezvous.