J-r was always more alternative and edgier than I. But I respected his determination, his ethos, and his creativity, even though I often disagreed with his Taurean, older brother attitude. He paved the way for my freedoms both as a teenager and now as an older woman.

Number 21?

I ‘came of age’ in the ’70’s (yes, I had to work out the decade) as a married woman; my 21st birthday was marked by dinner at a posh restaurant with my first husband. He (very sensibly) had celebrated his 21st birthday prior to our marriage, marking the occasion with a party, a cake and a “pash” with my cousin, an action that should have warned me about his tendency to stray.


If I was able to get together with any of my exes it would of course be Ryan – although since he was the one who left that is extremely unlikely, and we’d probably have little in common nowadays. The ex I am most likely get back together with is Paolo – we still have a soft spot for each other – or more accurately for our memories of each other.