Bad Hare…

As some of you are aware, since I returned from overseas I’ve begun to work with CM to put together a joint exhibition of his photos and my drawings. It will take a while and […]

Hot Buttons #9 Exquisite denial

As always we talked about anything and everything. This has been standard for some time now. There is little I hold back from him, and much I attempt to challenge him on. I make no secret of my attraction and he tells me things about his wild past that make me squirm – often but not always with frustration. I cannot tell if we are engaging in extended foreplay or exquisite denial (or both).


I’m in the naughty corner on Twitter and needed to find a way of diverting myself that didn’t involve housework. This is a (rather dry) rendering of DH Lawrences poem, Figs, which is both sensual and dour. (I would still probably be seduced/induced to orgasm by a reading such as this, especially if I was naked and splayed out on a bed)