This is both a “to-do” list and potentially a list of resources for doing things…

Shibari Rope – self tying I saw a couple doing a choreographed routine at OzKink 2017 and I found it fascinating to watch. Now I know it is possible to do some self tying I’m hunting around for rope in my favorite colour. I also found this article very helpful in terms of safety, and this FAQ by London-based rope model Sophia Rose. This is an interview on #proudtobekinky podcast with  from Sophia.Shibari on rope modelling and community. Another interview with her here.
Jade Rope – rope supplies Aus.
Just discovered the game “Lacy Cross” – looks like a fun way to practice…

“Hologram” using your IPhone. Earlier this year the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was “hologram”, and I so wanted to do this but didn’t have time… I might see what happens when I make do this with my favorite sex toys for a review or two….

Erotic Life drawing
The photograph below is from an ordinary life drawing session around 20 years ago. I loved my modelling life but I never got to model for an erotic life drawing session. However there are workshops in Melbourne  to see my recent work from these sessions see links to blog posts below.
I did find an old drawing  I did back around 1996 when I was in my first year of visual art studies, the other day. I don’t know who this model was – we   only had him once. I think his poses were a little bit challenging for my lecturers – but most of the students enjoyed them. I also found a drawing I did around the same time, of myself belly dancing in the nude. You can find that image here.

Life Drawings Melbourne 2018


Feck Erotica

An opportunity to be involved in ethical erotica which values the contributor as much as the audience. A Melbourne based company…

Scavenger Hunt
Inspired by the amazingly inventive and delightfully naughty Modesty Ablaze, I’d love to take part in the Scavenger Hunt, but not in my local area. You can find a list of  desirable locations as well instructions on how to play here.

The Sacred Labyrinth. Women Seen: The Art of Empowerment
A powerful way to honour my cunt? Inspiring idea.


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