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Short Stories

The Leather Phallus (1) Posted 17/12/2017

Xmas Cake (4) Posted 14/12/2017

Xmas Cake (3) Posted 12/12/2017

Xmas Cake (2) Posted 6/12/2017

Xmas Cake  Posted 4/12/2017

Drowsy Posted 20/11/2017

Night Swimming Posted 6/11/2017

House Rules Posted 3/11/2017 for Kink of the Week

Cold Water Posted 23/10/2017 for Smutober

Spicy Posted 21/10/2017 for Smutober

Film Review: Harold and Maude Posted 17/10/2017

A Day of Frustration?  Posted 16/10/2017

John Oh

Hotel (p. 1.) Posted 12/10/2017 for Smutober

Hotel (p. 2.) Posted 13/10/2017 for Smutober

exquisite denial


Erotic Poems CM
Exquisite Denial Posted for #30DayOrgasmFun Entry Hot Button #9

Captured Posted for #30DayOrgasmFun Entry Hot Button #2

Again 31/07/2018 Posted for Wicked Wednesday

His Woollen Jumper 30/07/2018 Posted for Masturbation Monday


Other writing

Eavesdropping after midnight Posted 21/9/2017 for Wicked Wednesday

Not another piece of erotic writing Posted 11/10/2017 for Smutober