Original Erotic Poetry


Camera Slut Series (CM)

Erotic writing CM 


These previously unpublished poems were written between 1990 and 1994. At that time my writing took precedent over my visual art. Inspired by my relationship with “Ryan” a younger man; they express desire, emotional pain, physical pleasure and the foretaste of loss. Ryan also features prominently  in my Erotic short stories, and the music we listened too can be found on my Pinterest board

Tide Series

A three part series of short poems, encapsulating beach side sex and the emotional uncertainties of an emerging liaison with a (then) new lover …

un (spoken) words

Translation: unspoken words hover in the spaces between you and & I

between each spoken word WE waits for voice

Celtic Colouring


Such Pleasure

Waking in the Night

Geography of a Relationship


Plate Spinning 2/01/2018

Golden Years? (For Danae) 22/02/2108

More work coming soon…

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