Sway – joyful, sensual, sexy dance

Dance has always been an important part of my life. The house I grew up in had a beautiful polished wood lounge room floor large enough for parties. And in the post-war years my parents loved to party! It was here I actually witnessed my parents doing the Jitterbug…

That lounge was also the setting for my post-traditional ballet attempts at improvised dance, heavily influenced by Kate Bush… In my later teen years I was preoccupied with going to dances. I loved inhabiting the dimly lit, smoky halls in my mini-skirt… I met my first boyfriend and my first husband at a dance. The dances I grooved to were not ballroom dances – I have difficulty remembering my left and right, though I can fake a waltz and a foxtrot with an experienced (and forgiving) partner!

Belly dance entered my life along with re-enacting and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about which side was which. I also loved that I felt graceful and sexy despite being curvaceous. I danced in public and in private, for other people, for lovers and for myself. The links below are to posts I made after I found a little drawing I did of myself doing ‘floorwork’ in a state of joyous nakedness.

Private Dancer (1)

Private Dancer (2)

Sway Youtube playlist 

This is a collection in the making of joyous, sensual and sexy dances done by all sorts of people.

Mums Moves
Mum enjoyed dancing. She danced beautifully with the groom at my niece’s wedding, although I didn’t get the best moments as I hadn’t pressed the record button properly. More recently she demonstrated her memory of the Mambo – pretty good for a 90 year old with a damaged lung and Dementia!