For those haptic people who respond to a sense of touch, this is a select set of links which rely on touch as the primary sense of stimulation. Some are interactive, some you have to buy and some you might like simply enjoy or even try at home to see what it feels like. While most are educational, they all engage a sense of play as well. Enjoy!



If you haven’t taken out a subscription to season 1. of this pioneering site – I highly recommend that you do. The video clips & information are one thing, but the amazing interactives – where you actually touch someone’s virtual vulva and clitoris and are given feedback about how effective your touch is, well that is simply mind blowing (and just a little bit confronting at first).
As our Australian Queen of Rock and Roll Ian “Molly” Meldrum always says “Do yourself a favour!”


Vulva Puppets

Image by permission Dorrie Lane

These vulva puppets are also a delight for a haptic person. Made from sumptuous fabrics, some of which are vintage; folded and shaped to mimic the vulva shape, embroidered and embellished (but not too much), they are an invitation to touch and explore… As an educator I see them as a potentially useful tool, as an artist I appreciate their sculptural qualities, as a sensual being I love the tactile, playful possibilities they suggest and as a blogger they had to be added to my Pinterest page on Beautiful, Tactile and Perilous (p)arts. They also feature in the Play section of this blog – cause I don’t care about double dipping!


Stephanie Sarley American artist who fingers fruit – horny and edgy. This is her web page The image below is mine – Stephanie’s works are way more challenging than this, but I don’t want to violate her copyright…