#30DayOrgasmFun challenge

Part of what I aim to do with Tabitha Rayne’s 30DayOrgasmFun challenge is identify various Hot Buttons which have an impact on my masturbation fun. These may include emotions, actions, fantasies, images, toys and settings.

The latter is important because as a solo player I tend to fall back on my bedroom an awful lot. Therefore I’m challenging myself to give it a go in new settings and situations.

I may not post every day, or may post two in the one day and may not orgasm every day for that matter (in fact that’s highly unlikely!) But I’m sure I’ll have fun trying.

Posts will be linked where possible to ongoing meme’s for the sake of time, and the content will vary a fair bit.

I will add links to individual posts here as I go.


laugh wordsApril 1. Hot Buttons#1 – Laughter




April 2. Hot Buttons#2 – Capture (This)

IMG_3158 (2)


April 3.Her Highness Says NO!

kangaroo-1277622_1280 April 4. Hot Buttons#3 – Reading Erotica

unnamed        April 5. Hot Buttons #4 Car sex and other catastrophes (averted)

IMG_3172     April 6. Hot Buttons #5 Anal Sex/Glass Dildo’s

swing April 7. Hot Buttons #6 Flashing for a lover

jarrod April 8. Hot Buttons#7 Creativity


adoggy April 9. Hot Buttons#8 -Woof