Persephone’s Realm

‘Persephone’s Realm’ is a twilight land, the land of the dead. Yet Persephone not only presides here as Queen of the Underworld, she also returns regularly to the land of living.  In this small corner of her shadowy realm, I explore some of the spaces between life and death.

I must have been something of a Gothic teenager, as I made a collage from photos of dead people and pinned it above my bed. Maybe, like the dead baby copperhead snake my brother kept in a jar in his room, it was a way of discouraging parents from lingering in our private spaces, as the rampant hormones of puberty kicked in…

Please note: there are no explicit photos of dead bodies here, however there are links to my growing collections of Victorian mourning photos, Vanitas and Art related to Death on Pinterest.

In addition to the Pinterest link mentioned above, inside the pages below there are a growing list of videos, writings, and images relating to dying, death and the “Death Positive Movement”, Mourning and Burial Customs – including links to articles, products and ideas which question and seek to counter the impact of current burial practices on the environment.

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa September 2015-2a

Culturally links between art, death and sex are well developed, (just ask Berninini’s St Theresa!) so there are also links to sites such as Beautiful Agony – The Little Death a video based website that explores the individual reality of “The Little Death”. If you click on the link on this page or the next you’ll contribute to a subscription for me – so please,
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Animal Companions: A Good Death

(It’s ok – not dead – she’s just a very relaxed kitty)


Art and Death

Art & Death are intimately connected. This page does contain links to Pinterest which include loving drawings and images of dead people, objects which bring them to mind in a physical way and vanitas why remind us that we too will pass away. If you find looking at images or momentos of dead people difficult or repulsive don’t go here.

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