Persephone’s Realm

Persephone’s Realm is the twilight land, the land of the dead. While there are no explicit photos of dead bodies here, there are links to videos, writings, Pinterest collections and images relating to death, mourning and burial – including the impact of current burial practices on the environment.

There are also links to material which explores connections between art and death.

Cultural links between art, death and sex are well developed, so there are also links to sites such as the Beautiful Agony, a video based website that explores the individual reality of “The Little Death”.

Beautiful Agony -The Little Death


“Any time a woman washes or dresses her own dead person, she is taking… power back and subverting how corporate funeral homes want death to happen.” Caitlyn Doughty

     The Ultimate Intimacy – caring for someone after death. My experience…

     Inside the Death Positive Movement

Burial Practices

     Recomposition – an environmental process
     Caitlyn Doughty TED TALK
     Katrina Spade TED TALK


     Mourning on display My post

     Secular Mourning


Animal Companions: A Good Death

(It’s ok – not dead – she’s just a very relaxed kitty)


Art and Death

Art & Death are intimately connected. This page is not for everyone as it does contain links to Pinterest which include loving drawings and images of dead people, objects which bring them to mind in a physical way and vanitas why remind us that we too will pass away. If you find looking at images or momentoes of dead people difficult or repulsive don’t go here.


More coming soon