“Any time a woman washes or dresses her own dead person, she is taking… power back and subverting how corporate funeral homes want death to happen.” Caitlyn Doughty

The Ultimate Intimacy – caring for someone after death. My experience…

Inside the Death Positive Movement

Eco and Alternative Burial Practices

Caring about the planet also involves exploring alternative burial practices, as both burial and cremation are not environmentally sound. See the following links for what is currently emerging.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to… Interactive Biodegradable Funerary Urns Glenn McDonald August 13, 2017 on NPR All Tech Considered

Recomposition – an environmental process
Caitlyn Doughty TED TALK
Katrina Spade TED TALK

Artists and Burial Clothing – useful article

Death/Burial – my Pinterest page


Mourning on display My post

Secular Mourning

Finnish Mourning Songs


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