Wild about that (sexy) thing!

This page contains links relating to aspects of sexual health, as well as lists of my favourite sex toys, associated products and retailers, along with some ratings and comments. All ratings are related to my own experiences and preferences including specific age-related comments and may not reflect the reality for anyone else. 

My choices are guided by personal preference and the wisdom of sex toy reviewers and bloggers; quality retailers (many of whom have a resident “sexpert” on the team), as well as  manufacturers concerned with creating “body positive toys”. All these people have far more experience and awareness of the industry than I do. In particular I appreciate the blogging work of Hey Epiphora whose nononsense post on toy safety led to the disposal of the only toy in my collection which was definitely of a dubious nature.


Sexual Health/Kegels

 Clitoral Stimulators & Vibrators

Dildos, Condoms, Lubes, Gels



Retailers & Manufacturers


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