Dildos, Condoms, Lubes, Gels and Toy Cleaners

A growing list of goodies…

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Human Form – My Card file

Colours Pleasure 5.5 silicone dildo with balls and suction cup. Thick but doable. Need extra lube because of the veins, not quite game enough to sit on it and bounce… Pity cause its got a nice amount of flexibility and give, and I have a saddle set up in my studio I’d like to use with it (see Role Play for more on this). Effectively sticks to surfaces.

Wildfire Cyberskin Dream 6.5. Feels amazing to touch. Quite big for me but works magnificently when I’m highly aroused. The first one I bought had a flaw but this was readily replaced by the retailer.

**See list of fantasy dildo’s under Fantasy/Role play.


Hero condoms:  A socially responsible Australian company. I use their condoms with my toys all the time and I keep two in my wallet – just in case! For a more comprehensive review check out what sex toy blogger Emmeline Peaches has to say here.

Four Seasons Condoms: This is another Australian company, and like Hero they donate condoms to Africa.


Four Seasons Pure Natural feeling lubricant: I use this one a lot, its readily available in the supermarket. It’s a water based body safe lubricant, with Vitamin E and Carrageenan. This is another Australian company, and like Hero they donate condoms to Africa.

The company makes several different lubricants which are readily available in the supermarket, including a menthol based one, and one housed in a glow in the dark tube which was very handy – I always lose the lube in the bed! However they both contain suspect ingredients, so I no longer buy them.


Hero make an Aloe Vera based lube as well! I haven’t tried it but I will.

YESBUT certified organic, water based anal lubricant: Manufactured in the UK by yesyesyes.com. The company website is packed with useful information and features. For some reason I hadn’t realised our vaginas and anuses have a different PH, and therefore the PH of good quality lubes for each of these areas are formulated .differently. As I’ve recently been using anal lube – which many sellers suggest is thicker – as an all purpose lubricant to keep my internal walls happy, I’ve contacted the company to see if I need to rethink this practice. Watch this space!