Kink/Fantasy/Role Play

“In sex an inner life of strong emotions and vivid fantasies meets with a real person to create a moment of exceptional intensity when life is full and reason is dim… Gaze and touch induce a kind of trance, an altered state of consciousness, a realm of imaginable sensations and events, a separate reality.

The soul craves such excursions from literal reality…”

Moore, Thomas. (1998) The Soul of Sex: Cultivating life as an act of love. Harper/Perennial N.Y. p. 143.


As a solo player, my kinky side is expressed through fantasy, role play and a range of props, toys and costumes.

Below are the main themes I am currently working with, and some images. I haven’t photographed everything…






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Horse Gods revenge… (saddle, blue dildo, blue unicorn silicone tail butt plug, whip)