Kink/Fantasy/Role Play


The not-so-innocent filing cabinet at the Oasis.

“In sex an inner life of strong emotions and vivid fantasies meets with a real person to create a moment of exceptional intensity when life is full and reason is dim… Gaze and touch induce a kind of trance, an altered state of consciousness, a realm of imaginable sensations and events, a separate reality.

The soul craves such excursions from literal reality…”

Moore, Thomas. (1998) The Soul of Sex: Cultivating life as an act of love. Harper/Perennial N.Y. p. 143.

As a solo player, my kinky side is currently expressed through photography, drawing, erotic writing, anal masturbation, fantasy, role play and use of a range of props, toys and costumes. I have a small selection of tools for impact play.
Currently I’m preparing to explore rope play and wax.

I am fortunate to have a studio/bedroom “The Oasis” which caters to many of my kinky desires.

Below are the main fantasy themes I am currently working with, and some images. I haven’t photographed everything…



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Horse Gods revenge… (saddle, blue dildo, blue unicorn silicone tail butt plug, whip, flogger, Greek baby doll costume)

Really not sure about these results…
Some things need to be put to the test.

== Results from ==
93% Rigger
92% Primal (Hunter)
90% Rope bunny
72% Primal (Prey)
67% Dominant
64% Degradee
61% Vanilla
59% Switch
57% Submissive
55% Masochist
53% Exhibitionist
53% Non-monogamist
48% Degrader
48% Experimentalist
47% Ageplayer
46% Brat
44% Pet
43% Daddy/Mommy
43% Voyeur
40% Sadist
31% Slave
25% Boy/Girl
7% Master/Mistress
1% Owner