Retailers and Manufacturers

Finding a retailer can be a daunting business if you’ve rarely (or never) shopped for sex toys, as I found out when I started this adventure. When I first began buying toys I went with the larger companies who head the lists on Google, choosing from those who made specific mention of women and women’s pleasure. As I continued to explore, my interest in roleplay/fantasy took me away from Australia to shop for lingerie, costumes and silicon toys in a variety of shapes. My dealings with these companies both in Australia and overseas have been largely uncomplicated. I’ve appreciated the extensive product information and reviews the large companies generate and on several occasions when an item was faulty have had them replaced quickly and with a minimum of fuss. I’ve been less enamoured of the bombardment of advertising which has reached my email account choosing to opt out from some companies lists because of it. 


However, as I began to read blogs and engage in conversations with people in the industry I began to appreciate that not all toys and associated products are created equaI. I realised that like supermarkets, not everyone stocks exactly the same items and that prices can vary quite a lot owing to the size and clout of the retailer and the customer base they cater for.  It has since dawned on me that my own attitudes, lifestyle, financial situation and growing interest in toys as functional and aesthetic artifacts also put me into a different consumer base than a number of other people.


In short I became aware of some of the personal and social politics involved in what had initially been simply a matter of convenient pleasure. While my own physical limitations and sexual desires point me in certain directions, the issues of body safety, environmental concerns and the ethical and social stance of the companies I deal with have come into focus, causing me to question some of my earlier choices.

Therefore I am actively seeking out organic lubes and cleaners, while also looking for smaller Australian based retailers and manufacturers (who are not always easy to find). I now value retailers who place an emphasis on personalised customer service, appreciate the importance of self pleasure, have a concern for quality goods and environmental considerations and cater to the involvement of imagination.



Mojoco: Based in Queensland, Australia, Mojoco’s on-line site makes it clear they are a strong advocate for women’s pleasure and confidence. Their website is classy and sensual, not only featuring a highly curated collection of toys, but also offering food for the imagination in the form of  sensual products, writing and images. The photographs which feature throughout their site are divine! Allow yourself time to enjoy their website. Mojoco’s service is prompt, and their emails are warm and friendly.
I purchased a lovely silk sarong from this company a little while ago, (see image above) and am waiting impatiently for warmer weather so I can wear it.

Aphrodites Pleasure: Operates online and “by appointment” from a showroom in inner Melbourne, Australia. The “by appointment” feature allows one-on-one product advice and allows the opportunity to view and touch items on display from the select, body safe collection.
The company’s website includes a blog and Q & A  feature where advice can be sought from “in house sexpert” psychosexual therapist Dr Chris Fox.
I found their postal delivery service not only fast, discreet and efficient, but my package was also beautifully wrapped, a touch I greatly appreciated. When I visited I was made very welcome by Adrian, Amy and Chris, coming home with a lighter wallet, some weighty discreet shopping bags, and my first ever freebie! I also had the pleasure of talking to a group of people who clearly know their stuff!

BlissforWomen: Where women are the customers not the mercha

I wish I’d discovered this company earlier. 

DownUnder Toys

Makes High quality Silicone Toys, including some with a unique Aussie theme.

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